Bazooka Joe late 1990s's bubble gum comics by Topps

The 1990's

Part 2

Comics by Yoe! Studios

After several years of the previous comics, Topps decided to hire the capable talents of Craig Yoe and Yoe! Studios to redesign Joe and his gang in 1996. While still called "Bazooka Joe & Company", a variety of other banner titles include: "Ask Bazooka Joe", "Road Trip", "Tao of Mort", and "Meet the Gang".

"Meet the Gang" is a special 4 comic subset (numbered 1-4) which introduces us to new characters Kara and AJ, as well as Joe and Mort. The set of comics has expanded to 75 different which are conveniently numbered along the side. Including the 4 comic subset, there are 79 total comics to collect. Whoo Hoo!

Joe imitates Dear Abby by giving advice.

Mort spouts pearls of wisdom, practices meditation and yoga.





Here are some outer wrapper examples. Notice the Green Apple flavor ... yum!




These comics have been re-released more than once since 1996. Only one 'prize' is offered: the T-Shirt.


If it's variations you are after, I've only identified about 5 different at this time. I'll get to those later.

Overall, this is a nice addition to the Bazooka Joe mythos that shouldn't be overlooked. These comics remained in circulation from 1996 to 2003. Topps then re-issued a variety of the older comics for Bazooka Joe's 50th Anniversary.

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