The 1990's

Part 1

In 1989, Topps decided to revamp the Bazooka comics for the second time in seven years. Personally, I think it was a good idea to not wait another 30 years for the makeover. In this new version, Bazooka Joe is still with us, of course, but his 'Gang' has been dropped! Actually, in an effort to be politically correct due to negative connotations with the word 'gang', the title was changed to "Bazooka Joe & Company" for most of the comics. The remaining comics include: "Bazooka Joe Fantasies", the long winded "Mystic Master of Space & Time", and "Raps", which is primarily used to introduce the new characters.

Joe's new friends are Metaldude, Ursula, and his hot new girlfriend, Zena. Fortunately, Mort is still with us, albeit with a new look and personality. He still has the red turtleneck too.

The complete set consists of 50 different comics. The 'code number' has been replaced with easily deciphered numbering: "comic #1 of 50", "comic #2 of 50", etc., unless you get one of the several versions that aren't numbered at all, like those pictured below.

we all have 'em ...

She's 'hot'
and says so.

Did you notice there are no prizes offered on these comics? I'm not sure what the 'comic value' is good towards. Most unusual. Here's some samples of the wrappers:




There is an abundance of variations to chase after, for those so inclined. I've identified more than 15 different. The major varieties include location of the comic number, whether it has a number (or not) and differences in 'comic value'. Many of the variations are minor and include whether the comic is printed on wax or non-wax paper. Noticeable differences to look for are pictured below.

side number

side number
coded 1996

bottom number

top number

value 3

value 10 top

value 10 bottom

value 10 side

The comics would be updated yet again before the decade was out. I think that's good and keeps them from getting stale. The next change comes in 1996.

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